Secret Base Escape Game

Secret Base Escape

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Day 04: The secret base. After Koawa disappeared yesterday, the team morale hit the bottom. Ever since we landed on this cursed planet, strange things have been going on. In the first three days we could just say they happened because of bad luck or mere coincidence, but Koawa... He set out for the daily expedition with Andi, to gather resources and explore new areas to map the planet. Andi said Koawa wa really quiet during the whole time. He's usually not like that. They just agreed to finish it for the day and get back to the base, when it got dark really suddenly. They saw strange creatures running around them, keeping some distance. Andi quickly grabbed her gun and turned on the flashlight, but when she looked up, the creatures attacked. They took Koawa. Andi managed to shoot two of them and got away. Today we finally decided to go to the scene and investigate. Kobu found traces of a body being pulled on the ground. We followed the path and discovered this building. Should we go inside?

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