Secret Army Bunker Escape Game

Secret Army Bunker Escape

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Nathan works as an inventory personnel in the army camp for the summer, and his job was mainly to check the vintage weapons which are being kept in the old locker rooms if those are still there and if he has time, he'll clean those up a bit too. Nathan worked pretty hard that day after checking many rooms and some are not even small, that's why he fell asleep in one of the rooms there and when he woke-up, he quickly sprung-up for he is not suppose to sleep on the job! Good thing there was nobody there with him and no cameras, but still he will face a problem in there and he needs to solve that quick!

Nathan was about to leave the room, but when he tried the doors however he realized that it was locked! Nathan tried everything he could but it seems that the door was really sealed and jammed. Nathan thought maybe this is a punishment for sleeping? Or maybe this could be an accident? But how though for there are no winds there that can accidentally lock the door, which means somebody might have locked it and he knows it isn't him. Escape players, how will you escape here if you are faced with the same situation as Nathan's?

Secret Army Bunker Escape is a brand new point and click room escape game from Ekey Games.

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