Searching World Secret Map

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Searching World Secret Map is a brand new point and click escape game from Games 2 Rule for more dose of fun retrieval adventures with us. Enjoy!

Milo was inside the rooms of the luxurious manor, and the house at the moment is not occupied and was actually being preserved, that’s because the items there and everything is old and a bit fragile. The manor is being looked after by a caretaker and that day, Milo had special permission to investigate the place thanks to a lot of processes he had to go through just to receive that clearance and now, he is inside taking a look around.

Milo’s reason of being inside the place wasn’t actually just to investigate and check, for he also has a side-mission which was to retrieve the world secret map and is an item that can show everything standing in the Earth. It’s a comprehensive record and must be retrieved for rumor has it that it can even show treasures hidden in almost every country on the planet. As Milo checks everything in the house, he comes to realize that the place is not going to be easy to escape from if he gets caught, and that means he needs to be very careful as well as quick. Escape players, care to try the retrieval adventure here with Milo and see if you can all get the hidden world map? Good luck then and keep your eyes open.