Searching Ivory In Museum Game

Searching Ivory In Museum

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Check-out an item retrieval escape game here in the museum. Searching Ivory In Museum is a brand new point and click museum escape game released by Big Escape Games. Have Fun!

The museum contains a ton of history's treasures and as a caretaker, Ami have already seen them as she fixes and cleans stuff in the place. But one day however, something spooky happened for she was just cleaning a valuable item which was an ancient ivory, and when she turned her back to it in just a second after she took something from her box, she saw that it was gone! Ami just took her eyes off it in just a moment and it disappeared! It's confirmed, this place is definitely haunted. Okay, considering that possibility, the item definitely got transported elsewhere in the museum. She is not really that scared of the paranormal, so she just decided to find that valuable item wherever it is.

Escape players, care to join Ami here as she tries to find that missing ivory before it gets lost even more somewhere in the building? Go ahead then, use everything you know about the place and everything you can see, for those can be an important clue to find that ivory. Good luck everyone, have fun going around the museum.


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