Seahorse Escape

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As a merman and most especially a castle guard of the kingdom who works really hard, Trite needs to relax as well, maybe going to the seaweed fields or the famous boulders which was another underwater relaxing place. Eventually Trite decided to go someplace new but also relaxing. On his way he goes to the place then, but when he was journeying though he realized there was this man-made cage along the way and inside it was a creature he really did not expect to see.

Trite saw the ever rare and sacred green seahorse! This creature is magical in nature and has a lot of special jobs to keep the ocean here balanced. But it’s now inside this cage which surely was not made by them mer-people. Okay, Trite will free this creature here for this one is suppose to be sacred to them, and actually it is for it keeps the oceans thriving. Trite doesn’t have a key here or anything for that contraption, he doesn’t even know how to manipulate it. Escape players, Trite needs a little help here, want to assist him so he can free this sacred seahorse of the sea?

Seahorse Escape is a brand new point and click underwater rescue escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Seahorse Escape

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