Scorching Desert Escape Game

Scorching Desert Escape

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Elmer had a strange dream but when he woke-up from that slumber however, he is going to see an even stranger reality for when he opened his eyes, he found himself in the desert! Elmer had no idea how he got there and because there is no desert in his country, that had gotten him overwhelmed for how could he have traveled potentially thousands of miles while sleeping? And it looks like he is even deep in the desert too. Elmer needs to pick himself up though for the heat is getting unbearable and if he can get some help too that would be a lifesaver.

Escape players, Elmer has no experience in the desert at all and he doesn't know where he was exactly as well as how did he even get there. Will you help him out on this very strange situation so he can get home? He is seriously doubting that but he needs to try though. Place yourself on the shoes of Elmer and find your way through the desert, hopefully you can escape from there.

Come and check this escape adventure here everyone from the middle of nowhere. Scorching Desert Escape is a brand new point and click dry wilderness escape game from Selfdefiant.

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