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Earth as a home planet had long since been a forgotten history, now humans have scattered across the universe searching for their own lives no matter where it takes them. Eli also searched for a new place to stay and that was 10 Earth years ago, now he is on one of Saturn’s moons and because he really had no navigation when he got there, he only guessed which of the dozens of moons Saturn has he currently is. Eli tried his best to make a living in the mostly cold but sometimes warm place, and no matter where he goes there would always be problems big or small. That day even, he has another problem which had now gotten bigger and really he needs help.

Eli just got trapped in his own stone home for the doors are somewhat jammed. This is the first time that had happened but it is expected, for the items there are just stuff he salvaged from his ship and happenings like this is bound to happen. Escape players, Eli cannot destroy a wall here for he had a really hard time constructing his home with the scarce materials he had. So will you help him solve this problem as gentle as possible?

Scope is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Studio Look.

Walkthrough video for Scope


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5 months ago

Mine wouldn’t load

5 months ago

This games rocks!