Schoolyard Escape

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All you could remember before waking up in this schoolyard was riding a train home. You always passed by this school yard on your way to your own school. And one of the students riding the train with you happened to be your former best friend. You were once studying in the same school before she got a better offer in her new school. She was very close to being a genius. However, you might not have shown her enough admiration that she felt you were jealous of her. Her abilities were nothing new to you as you had been friends for so long. But she wanted more recognition which you may have failed to give. So she easily left you for a new school. You always got on the train together but she never acknowledged your presence. Yet you didn’t beg for any though.

You knew that she would just come to her senses and you’d be friends again. But she had other ideas. The train stopped at her station and everything just went black. Then you just felt the ground beneath you and you slowly got up. You were in her schoolyard but no one was around anymore. And everything seemed closed for the day. Play Schoolyard Escape outdoor escape game by Mouse City.