School Escape (Big Escape Games) Game

School Escape (Big Escape Games)

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It had been more than a decade since you last saw your school. It was a bit hard for you to do so. The many memories always flooded back whenever you think about it. They weren't all bad memories. In fact, most of them were the ones you'd always want to relive. You met your friends there. You were the silent girl and for some reasons, they were attracted to you and you became close friends til now. It was a mystery to you how you were able to make friends when you'd always sit alone and survive hours of no talking. But the universe must have felt you shouldn't always be alone and gave you four wonderful friends for life. You also remembered your childhood crushes. It was fun trying to watch them from afar and pretend not to look at them when they look your way.

You smiled as your mind traveled back to those fun times. Without meaning to, you sat on one of the benches where you thought your crush would confess to you. You laughed a little at your silliness back then. However, as you looked around, the school seemed unfamiliar anymore and you couldn't find the way out. Play School Escape (Big Escape Games) room escape game by Big Escape Games.

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