School Canteen Escape Game

School Canteen Escape

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Abraham woke-up and found himself alone in the classroom, that's when he thought that his classmates might have gone for recess already so he gathered himself up and planned to go there too. But as he was about to leave the room however, he noticed that the doors are locked and he thought then why? He was still inside so why would anybody lock it? Must have been an accident, if so then he'll just have to get himself out then for he is getting hungry, he also might get in-trouble if something gets lost in the place unless, he already is in such trouble because he slept in class.

Escape players, will you help Abraham here escape the classroom as quickly as you can and find answers then whatever happened? Place yourself on his shoes then and try your best not to break anything for that can surely get him in more trouble if he already was. Use all the objects you can find and solve your way out of there!

Test your skills and logic on this one escape players, do your best! School Canteen Escape is a brand new point and click room escape game from Games 4 Escape.

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