School Auditorium Escape Game

School Auditorium Escape

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As an employee in the school, Marian is cooped-up mostly in the school's office for she really isn't a teacher and her job calls for her there. That day they were a bit short-handed so the inventories in the school will be done by Marian for she really doesn't have much work that day. Marian checked the labs in the school and the last room she will be checking was the auditorium which had a small classroom as well. As she did however, she wasn't expecting a problem to occur there and when it did she was caught off-guard!

Marian got trapped in the auditorium and because she was alone and there wasn't anybody nearby, she can't get any help! Marian have no idea what happened here and why the doors got mysteriously locked, but she is relaxed though at the moment and she thought she might be able to solve this on her own. Escape players, anything can still happen however which can make Marian's situation worst, so will you help here here in the school's auditorium and test your escape skills as well?

School Auditorium Escape is a brand new point and click room escape game from Games 4 Escape.

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