Scary Zombies Forest Escape Game

Scary Zombies Forest Escape

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The land just way beyond any nearby town should not be underestimated, for there are horrors in there and it's more than just ghosts and illusions in the forest, for people actually experience things there and some doesn't even come back at all! One of the townsfolk was Manny and he admits at first when he was a kid the stories really intimidates him, but as he grew however he began to think that the things there could just be stories, and it's actually normal for him to think about that now for nobody have ever happened to anybody there in his time. Well that's because everyone have already learned a lesson and nobody wants to meet their fate there, that's until Manny came along.

Manny enters the forest without anybody's knowledge and right then and there, he was lost and that's when he quickly found-out about the truth, for there were actual zombies there! The scary things are now trying to chase him and Manny doesn't know where to go now! Manny finally learned his lesson there but he'll learn from it more if he manages to escape. Escape players, will you help Manny here escape before the zombies finally get to him?

Scary Zombies Forest Escape is a brand new point and click scary wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

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