Scary Zombie House Escape 3 Game

Scary Zombie House Escape 3

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You should have rejected to appear as a zombie in another project. The previous one was still lingering in your mind. But you need as much exposure as possible. You can’t be picky at this stage of your career. Plus you’re very bad at saying no to people. Even if things put you at a disadvantage, you still think about the offers and end up accepting them. They boost your publicity but you’re energy seems to be going in the opposite direction. So on your off days, you try to catch up on your health. Then again, if an offer comes up in the middle of your rest, you answer to the offer first. Just like last time, you have to dress up as a zombie. You’re not sure if you’re really good at playing a zombie role or people just see you as a zombie.

The day of the shoot came and you’re quite happy with the number of people on the location. This could mean a lesser chance of an encounter with the real undead creatures. As you approach the house for your scene, you began to feel strange and another adventure with the zombies began. Play Scary Zombie House Escape 3 outdoor escape game by First Escape Games.

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