Scary House Treasure Escape Game

Scary House Treasure Escape

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Scary House Treasure Escape is a brand new point and click item retrieval scary escape game from WoW Escape for more dose of fun trying to find a very special item. Enjoy!

Halloween had just passed but it's been only just a few days, which means the Halloween treasure is still visible right-now, but it won't last and eventually it will be invisible again. The Halloween treasure is a very magical item which nobody yet knows what powers it possesses, but they do know that it is invisible the entire year except, a few days before and after Halloween, hence what they call it the Halloween treasure. That is another item on Edwin's check-list, for as a treasure-hunter, he had once seen it disappear before his eyes and it was from the point where it is ethereal at the time, but that was years ago and from then he never saw it again. But that day Edwin had a tip of where the item might be and it's just hidden in the mansion nearby!

All these years and the treasure is just sitting there? It's not too late yet and he should still see that treasure. Luckily he got clearance to enter the mansion after a tough negotiation and now, off he goes before the treasure disappears. Escape players, you are very welcome to try the hunt for the Halloween treasure here with Edwin, good luck and expect that it would be guarded by ghostly things! Have fun everyone.


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