Scary House Escape (Genie Fun Games) Game

Scary House Escape (Genie Fun Games)
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You have lost your sense of direction the moment you turned around. This is your biggest weakness. If you're new to the place, you should at least be able to familiarize it for a few days before being left alone. You can easily lose your way with just a simple turn. You haven't been in trouble yet since you always have your friends with you. However, now that you're alone, it seems like you'll get into troubles you never expect to arise. There's a typhoon warning earlier today. But as you look out the window, the sun is peeking through the clouds and the strong winds aren't blowing anymore. You sent invites to your friends but none of them are available at the moment. So you take this as an opportunity to be with yourself. You actually like being alone yet you're also trying to be considerate.

You take your car with you for easier mobility. Blasting music inside your car is also something that you can really appreciate when you're alone. The weather's fine only for at least an hour. After that heavy rain and strong winds challenge you. So you stop to take shelter in a house. It looks ordinary at first, but the longer you stay, the more it becomes a scary house. Play Scary House Escape (Genie Fun Games) room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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