Scary Horror Escape Game

Scary Horror Escape

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The forest Roy is in is quite magical, it has quite a strange aura and as he sees it, it is more like a garden or something than a wilderness. That's why he was forced to keep going into it for reasons he really could not explain, he can't fight it and besides nothing is really going-on in the TV anyways so that pushed him even more. After a few minutes of venturing, Roy found himself in front of what seems to be a hall or something. It looked quite scary and at first Roy doesn't want to enter for it doesn't look welcoming, but then again it seems to be pulling him in and it's like telling him that there is something to discover in there, and so once again he indulged to what he is feeling and decided to enter.

Escape players, Roy will now proceed in a place which somehow he shouldn't, but in his mind there is no turning back so will you just aid him on this adventure? And if you're curious what's behind the doors of that place then you can tag along and solve some potential puzzles there as well.

Scary Horror Escape is a brand new point and click creepy place escape game from Mirchigames.

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