Scary Haunted House Escape

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The haunted house here is old and is slowly being taken back by nature, as it looks the place seems to be a modern one back in its time, but now some of its rooms are in shambles. That day, Chuck was in the place for he had to win a bet, his bet with his friends were to enter the house and go get the ball that went in it. Chuck have been giving the bets lately, now it is his turn to take a bet. Chuck is very much scared here now, but he has to win this or else not only will he look like a wuss, but he would also lose a bet. Little did he know that he will and he will also experience something else there in the old and mysterious abode.

Chuck experienced a fright of his life! He saw strange things and apparitions! The first one was enough to get him running, but the things kept following him though and he was now all-over the place! Chuck needs to escape right-now for this is too much for him already, or for anybody for that matter. Escape players will you help on this escape here so that Chuck can save his sanity?

Scary Haunted House Escape is the newest point and click spooky indoor escape game created by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Scary Haunted House Escape

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