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Scary Halloween
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Scary Halloween is the newest point and click scary area escape game from Fun Escape Games. Enjoy Halloween here with us by escaping from a pretty heart-pounding place!

Ponce was one of those kids who were out for some Halloween fun! Trick-or-treating and parties are now happening across the neighborhood and for this Halloween, he had already collected so much candy he can carry. But after leaving his loot at home for he had hoard a hell of a lot, he planned to do something daring and that is to go on an adventure to a place nobody dared to go. That said place was a dark and abandoned area near the town and even though the people had placed decorations in there earlier, the place is not for persons who has a weak heart. Surely Ponce did not think he was weak anywhere, so he entered and unfortunately, the scary area hadn't have its fill of fun yet!

Ponce followed the path as religiously as he can, but the darkness was powerful than that and as a result, he got lost! Ponce was still not regretting the fact that he went there, for he knows he can escape if he just keeps his cool. Escape players, will you be able to keep your cool as well? Come join Ponce here then and may you be able to escape before the spooks does something more!

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