Scary Halloween Village Escape Game

Scary Halloween Village Escape

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Scary Halloween Village Escape is a brand new point and click scary escape game from WoW Escape for another fun spooky escape adventures with us. Enjoy!

Timothy is now standing on not the most holy of lands, for that Halloween, he planned to check-out the haunted village located in the heart of the woods and rumor has it that the place is a forbidden one, nobody has to go there and there is little information that the village is inhabited or not. But surely people who have actually ventured there and got out safely had their fair-share of stories and sightings most especially ghostly apparitions, that is the kind of stuff Timothy is very interested in, so that they he went to that very place alone.

At first the village was pretty quiet and a little-bit damp, but as soon as the last light of the sun disappeared, the village began to light-up and what Timothy saw first were the unholy things roaming around the grounds and now, they are looking at him! Last thing Timothy knows, he is on the run trying to find his way back and out of there, will he be able to get his wits back-up so he can escape? Escape players, why don't you join Timothy here as he finds his way through the spookiness and out of there safely? Go ahead then, and have fun this Halloween!

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