Scary Halloween House Escape 7 Game

Scary Halloween House Escape 7

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Imagine in this game you are a student who have been preparing for an important exam for weeks. One day you were sitting in your room solving some difficult tasks when suddenly you come across an equation which surpassed your knowledge. You picked up the phone and called your teacher to ask for a date for consultation. He offered you to get off and visit him at his house during the afternoon. You put on your shoes and left without hesitation. When you arrived there the condition of the house frightened you and suggested you to leave without the meeting. Knocking at the door, for your biggest surprise, it opened despite of not using any considerable force. Entering to the hall you shouted his name but no response returned from the giant house. You decided to leave and visit him later but found the entrance locked which by you had come in before. Find hidden objects and fit them together to get out somehow. Good luck!



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