Scary Graveyard Escape 3 Game

Scary Graveyard Escape 3

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You have no idea how many more graveyards will you be facing. But for sure, you've already faced two and this is your third. You don't know if it'll be as terrifying as the others or will this let you leave smiling. What you do know is that you have to go through all of this and hopefully reach the end. Upon entering through the door, you can already smell a weir stench. You're really hoping it's not from the rotting bodies. However, these are the closest things you can associate with the smell. You try holding your breath but it only makes you breathe in more of the stench. Then you shift your thoughts. Focusing on the smell won't do you any good and it might just be a distraction. You actually have no idea if someone's out here to get you.

But since this is the graveyard, you know you just have to expect it already. Some people here might not have enjoyed their death and would like to live once more. And they might think of stealing your life from you. So move and act fast to find a way out of this scary graveyard before you become a part of it. Play Scary Graveyard Escape 3 outdoor escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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