Saving Ant Emperor Game

Saving Ant Emperor

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You were such a loner when you were younger. Your friends were the creatures around your home. Most of the time, your playmate were the ants. You would watch them form their line and then carry their food. Sometimes, you would add more to their food. Your favorite menu for them was a dead fly. You would take a broom and try to swat a fly to give it to the ants. The ants would then carry them and you would think that they would be having a feast. One night, while you were about to go to sleep, you passed by a line of ants. You bent down and said good night to them in the softest voice you can. Then you stood up and went to bed. You didn't know that another kingdom of ants was observing how you were always favoring the other kingdom.

Later that night, you woke up to worried voices of people you didn't know. You opened your eyes to see the ants as big as you. You almost ran away if they were not surrounding you. They calmed you down and explained the situation to you. It turned out that you were the key to rescuing the king of their kingdom. Play Saving Ant Emperor outdoor escape game by Enagames and restore peace in the kingdom.

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