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Save Zombie

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Zombie outbreak is within the country. The good thing is, your city is safe. There are no news that there's a zombie in your city. But while you were walking along the street at night, you saw something weird. You saw a man wobbles around. You thought that he is just sober but when you saw him eye to eye, you realize that he is a zombie. But instead of being afraid, what you felt is pity. You know that he doesn't want to be a zombie and you don't want the whole city to panic. You read something about reversing the zombie back to human form and this is what you plan to do. However, that is not easy. There are puzzles that you have to solve before you can end this one successfully. Your logic is very important because you have to think very hard about this.

You have to help the man to escape from his zombiness. So, you have to start right now and look for hints. You believe that you can make a difference but you have to prove it. Save Zombie is a brand new room escape game made by Ajaz Games. Good luck!

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