Save The Trapped Sea Horse

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Lemuel is in the beach that day, he is just taking a breather and the fresh sea breeze is just right for him. As he went along the shore, he found what seems to be a cage, nothing weird about that, but as he checked what’s inside it though he found what seems to be a seahorse and the thing was not even little. There was more things about it which was very unnatural and that’s what led him to think that this creature could be one of the fables of the place.

Lemuel is being overwhelmed by this, but he is getting a grip though. Eventually he decided to free this creature back into the ocean for that’s where it belongs. If it stays in the surface here for longer then it could die. Escape players, want to help Lemuel here free this unusual seahorse back into the wild?

Save The Trapped Sea Horse is a brand new point-and-click animal rescue escape game released by 8B Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Save The Trapped Sea Horse

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