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Save The Toad

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The forest had never been easy to venture into and that is why the locals don't stray too far in there, as one of the locals living near it as well, Cedric knows better and that's why he has a guideline built whenever he is in the forest. But one day however, he needs to keep going deeper into the forest for his pet toad which was not even endemic in the area, had escaped! That toad can eat anything smaller than him and even the same size as him! Cedric fears the creature might ruin the balance in the forest, that is why even though the forest is always difficult, he still went to it to find traces of the animal and retrieve it before it gets injured or it injures something.

Escape players, Cedric might need some help here in rescuing his toad for the forest can be a tough one to venture into, will you be able to lend your hand by looking for clues or any obvious signs for the amphibian so you can save it? Come and test your skills on this rescue then.

Save The Toad is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 2 Rule.

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