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Save the Nun

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You had a friend nun from your elementary school. She was the choir coordinator and you happened to join the group. Your voice didn't really come out in groups and you wondered how you survived it. But you did. She gave you a task every practice time to check the attendance. This gave you the excuse to not sing for a while as you go around checking who were present. Then you'd have to get back with the group and sing. For most of your time there, you were just singing falsetto. You didn't even know if that sounded good or not. She had seminarian assistants. They had loud voices and were expecting you to sing with a loud voice as well. But your voice just hid even more when they were around. Time passed by and you graduated and the nun left the school.

You thought your ties with the school would also be cut off. Yet you were invited to take charge of the choir. So you did for a couple of years until you slowly felt disconnected. You let the new members take over as you just watched them from a distance. After  a few years, you received a news that your friend nun came to visit. However, no one really knew where she was. You remembered how much she loved the school. So you went there to look for her. Play Save Then Nun room escape game by WoW Escape.

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