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Save The Naagin

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The forest even though it has its fair share of horror stories, some of them aren't really true and even though some are plausible, at least half of those stories are actually facts! One of those is about this Naagin living in the place and it is a creature resembling very close to a naga, the creature is a giant snake with a person as a head from waist upwards. It might not be resembling as a naga however, but it could actually be a naga. The Naagin is actually kind despite the stories of its ruthless and killing instinct, well that is true if ever a human decide to harm the forest and its inhabitants, but if they're just passing through and minding their own business, they will not be harmed. Such as what Corey is doing, he is just passing for maybe the hundredth time in the forest just to get home.

It was another typical day, typical job and typical tiredness, but little did he know in this journey home of his, he'll encounter the Naagin! But not in its most glorious state however, for it is trapped in something Corey couldn't even explain. The Naagin saw him and he saw it too, almost immediately then the creature compels him to help it. Corey is stunned but not controlled, the Naagin is pleading to him and up to that point, guess he really has no choice but free it from the strange thing that is trapping it. Escape players, you are Corey here and he had already decided to help the Naagin, for that creature is a thing that he might be passing-by most days unseen and that's why he'll help it, for it could be that it can help him too one day when he is in some trouble. Save the Naagin then and carefully as you do so.

Save The Naagin is a new wilderness rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Rule.

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