Save The Last Dino Egg Game

Save The Last Dino Egg

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You visited a museum where you saw some skeletons of dinosaurs. When you were younger, you always dreamed of seeing a real life dino. You used to name each dinosaur perfectly. Then as you grew older, you also were able to identify one from the other through their physical appearances, the things they eat, and even their behavior towards other creatures. Your obsession with them continued to grow. So you made sure to visit the museums that housed their skeletons. There was one museum however that you thought made an honest mistake with the bones of their dinosaur. But upon closer analysis through your research, you found out that one of their workers took some of the original bones. You looked for the authorities of the museum and informed them of what you found out. They were enraged yet at the same time thankful. 

As a reward for you, they invited you to join the expedition for the search for the last dinosaur egg. You couldn't believe what you were hearing. But you immediately agreed to save the remaining creature that could bring to life the creatures of your childhood. Play Save The Last Dino Egg outdoor escape game by Games 2 Jolly.

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