Save The Jungle Deer

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Rafael visited the wilderness again for he is not done in recording the flora and fauna in the place. He only comes once a month for his grandma lives near the place and he is a city folk. That day Rafael plans to go even further into the forest for his grandma told him the  more elusive animals are there, but he needs to be careful though for there many dangers there and if he needs help, then nobody would come thanks to how remote the area is.

Rafael took the heed and went, at first everything seems fine even though the trail is getting narrower. Along the way though he stopped for when he looked at a distance, he saw something shiny. So he approached it and to his surprise, it was a man-made cage! There are actually hunters here? Surely this is from a hunter, for what’s inside it is a deer and it looked exactly like that Bambi deer from TV! The deer was too young to be hunted and Rafael doesn’t want to mind anybody’s business here, but in the end his compassion to the animal prevailed and besides, he’ll set the trap again after he saves the animal. Escape players, this is such a dangerous thing to do now, but will you help Rafael still in freeing the deer so it’ll be easier?

Save The Jungle Deer is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Rule.

Walkthrough video for Save The Jungle Deer


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