Save The Hungry Old Man

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Wilmer was working on his farm that day and it was peaceful, but after a while though he saw this old man near his property and he looks weak. Wilmer came-up to him and asked what was up, that’s when he knew that the guy had a problem with his car but he is taking care of it though, but he needs some refreshments and because he had been fixing his vehicle for hours, he is kind of hungry now.

Well, Wilmer is not too good with fixing cars and the man said he had already fixed the difficult parts and was on the way on the easy finishing touches, but maybe he can help on the meal and refreshments. Escape players, Wilmer is now heading back to his house to fetch this man a helping for his hunger and thirst, want to help him then for the sake of this old guy?

Save The Hungry Old Man is the newest point-and-click rescue game from 8B Games and Games 2 Mad. 

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Walkthrough video for Save The Hungry Old Man

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