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Save The Guardian

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A few weeks ago, while you were walking home from the office, a bright line shone on the sky. It was so bright that you knew it'll be in the news. You saw it fell somewhere but you didn't check out where. You opened your television to wait for the news. However the news didn't mention anything about it. You found it so weird as it was not a normal happening. Then you thought maybe it was just your imagination. So you let the incident go and didn't bother to think about it again. It was the weekend and you were planning to do some photography in the forest. Your social media account could use some beauty of nature so you went off early to capture many views. Upon arriving at the forest, you noticed there was something strange inside.

You were sensitive to anything that was out of the ordinary. However, instead of being scared, you were welcoming these feelings and ended up finding more about it. Sometimes you were able to help the outsiders of the world and brought them back to where they should be. Just like the galaxy guardian you met in this forest. Play Save The Guardian outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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