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Save The Grebe

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Cole have been observing the local grebes where he now lives which was up a hill overlooking the beach below. Grebes are diving marine birds which are very native in the area and it even lands on the hill where he lives. Cole works as an ornithologist and his priority of study now is the population of the grebes in the place. A few weeks ago as Cole was tagging more birds, he can't help but notice that there is a decline of the tags that comes back to him and a huge patch was missing from their natural daily path. Cole thought could it be predators catching the grebes? Or what about poachers? That's kind of impossible for he didn't think there would be somebody catching grebes and what for? One day he finally found who is doing this and at least the location of the perpetrator.

One of the tags had a beacon and when Cole started noticing the different path the thing recorded, he quickly followed it and that led him deep into the nearby forest. There was a house there and somebody had been using the birds for something, the tagged grebe was somewhere in the area and because that specific bird was part of his data-collection project, he decided to save the animal by letting it go from where it was. Escape players, Cole needs to keep his head down though if he wants this to end successfully, will you join him and see if you can?

Save The Grebe is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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