Save The Farmer Land Game

Save The Farmer Land

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The valley is a very nice place to produce crops for not only the area was wide enough for fields, it is also fertile for when the rain comes the nutrients from the mountains nearby goes to the crops. It had always been prosperous until one day, Emanuel who was one of the residents in the area saw something new and that started the slow downfall of the place. It's really not the verge of no return yet but if left untreated it will totally go to that level.

Pests are growing in numbers and day by day a percent of the crops is lost to them! Even though the people there have very few actual experiences of pest infestation, nothing had ever prepared them for something big as this. Emanuel was one of the persons who relies with the crops as well, that's why he needs to help as much as he can and maybe analyze the situation well so it can then be solved once and for all. Escape players, all answers to every problem is just laying around the corner or somewhere, we just fail to see it. Will you join Emanuel here and see what you can do help the land?

Save The Farmer Land is another new point and click outdoor escape game made by WoW Escape.

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