Save The Duck

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The forest here is cool and serene, so that day that’s where Elijah heads for he kind of had enough of the city and just wants to get away. Finally, he is in a place which can really give him a big stretch, he wondered then what sort of creatures is this place housing? And so he wanders-off in-search of things which can answer his questions. But before that though he should do something first for there are somethings there that needs help.

Elijah saw that there were ducks living in this place, that’s good, but what’s bad was some of them are trapped in this rogue net or something! Elijah confirms the net as modern and man-made, but it seems to be unmanned and accidentally captured a few ducks and now they need help. Elijah will help these birds before he continues, but he is going to need some help too for he doesn’t know what to do. Escape players, Elijah is alone there so the only one who can help him is you. Will you be able to find some tools there that can help release those birds?

Save The Duck is a new point-and-click animals rescue escape game developed by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Save The Duck

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