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Save The Cassowary

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Cassowaries are not endemic in the forest here and one under Erik's care just got escaped from his facility! Erik knows how dangerous Cassowaries are and they are not easy to work with at times, that's why Erik is really in quite a panic now for it might disturb wildlife in the forest by hurting the other endemic animals there, he needs to hurry then and pack everything he needs to get the animal back and hopefully, he'll come back alive, uninjured, and the animal in his possession. But this retrieval attempt can only be half successful because Erik is alone, that's why he needs your help everyone for this to be at least above half that.

Escape players, Erik's cassowary escapee is still in the forest somewhere and it could either be hiding under some brush now, or got caught in a hunter's bear-trap but either way, Erik must rescue it and hopefully it is safe without any injuries. Care to join him on this mission in saving the animal? Be ready then and stay calm, for cassowaries can often get startled and attack, those claws are like daggers and you don't want to be facing that.

Save The Cassowary is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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