Save The Black Hawk Game

Save The Black Hawk

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While everyone else was busy running around and catching each other, you just looked up at the sky. It was a beautiful day with very few clouds. You could clearly see the planes passing by. And you couldn't help but wish you were inside it travelling to somewhere new. Just then, you felt someone bumped you. Everyone was shrieking as they thought you were going to sprang on them. But you just sat instead and excused yourself from the game. They continued running around once more as you focused your eyes back at the sky. Just then, a black hawk was passing through your line of sight. You wanted to ask someone about it but they all seemed busy. But one of your friends sat beside you and started explaining things about the bird. You got so interested that you wanted him to keep going.

However, time was already running out and he needed to be back home. You waved goodbye to him with the hawk in mind. You couldn't contain your curiosity. So you walked towards the woods where you saw the hawk swooped. You walked a few minutes until you saw the black hawk trapped. You couldn't just leave it there. Play Save The Black Hawk outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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