Save My Sister From Spooky Forest Game

Save My Sister From Spooky Forest

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You were chilling in your room when your sister called. You thought that she just want another girl talk but that is not the case. When you picked up the phone, you heard that your sister's voice. Her voice is shaking. From there, you knew that she is in trouble. She said that she is in unknown forest and that place is really spooky. You love your sister so much and you don't want anything bad happen to her. With that, you quickly went to the forest to save your sister. However, the way in this forest is quite overwhelming. There are so many paths that you can take and you don't know which way to go. Thankfully, there are clues along the way that can lead you to your sister. There are also items in there that you can use to solve all the puzzles that you will encounter.

This place sure is spooky but you have to be brave for your sister. You have to use your logic to complete this rescue as soon as possible. Save My Sister From Spooky Forest is another outdoor escape game by WoW Escape that will test your logic. Best of luck!

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