Save The Good Mouse Game

Save The Good Mouse

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You recently discovered you couldn't hate animals. You remembered clearly when your father accidentally stepped on a mouse. It made you feel bad and your father admitted he didn't mean it. So you buried the mouse in your backyard. Since then, you started caring more for the animals. You rarely spoke but you couldn't keep your mouth shut when it came to animals. Your tears were mostly shed because of the hurt you felt for them. To find some peace for a few days, you went to the country. There you couldn't find many caged creatures. They were kept in a fence but they still had wide spaces to move around. You enjoyed it there but staying there made you sometimes wish you didn't care for the creatures at all. The mouse abound there. And they weren't always outside but most of the time inside.

However, no matter how much you wanted to rid of them, you couldn't. So you just found a way to stay out of each other's way. While walking around trying to look for their path, you found one mouse trapped in a mousetrap. You recognized the mouse as one of the good ones and you just had to save it. Play Save The Good Mouse outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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