Save The Black Panther Game

Save The Black Panther

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You didn't have any other intentions but just to enjoy the beauty of the forest. However, when you arrived, you instantly saw a black panther that needed your help. You didn't really like how the panther sounded. It seemed like you could feel its fright and pain and it made you feel uncomfortable. But you knew that you'd feel worse if you'd just live the creature inside the cage. You were about to get closer to figure out how to open the cage. When suddenly, you heard some voices of men coming in your direction. You immediately hid behind the bushes and hoped the panther wasn't looking at your direction. You tried peeking and you saw the panther's eyes looking directly at you. So you tried to distract it to change its focus on something else. Just then, one of the men stood in between you and the panther.

You breathed a sigh of relief as soon as the men left. And you knew that you only had a very short time to work on the panther'e escape. So you didn't waste any time in carrying out the plan you formulated while hiding from the men. Play Save The Black Panther outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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