Sapphire Room Rescue Game

Sapphire Room Rescue

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High school reunion is coming up and you start remembering your classmates. You have a variety of them. Some are part of the nerds. Yep, they do wear glasses to show off their brains. Others are the jocks. Some are beauty queens. And then there are those like you, audience. You don't necessarily belong to any group but you're in pretty good terms with all of them. And so you're given the task by batch to gather your classmates this year. They have some not so beautiful relationships as they are competing mostly. But they have you to glue them back. So you start off by searching for their locations. Some are abroad but since there are multimedia, you're able to contact them easily. Others are just around the city and going through their offices are a breeze. You almost ticked all of your classmates off.

But one member of the nerds remain. You know him as a puzzle. He usually speaks using codes. There are times that you take one week just to decipher his messages to you. Sometimes it's fun. Most of the time annoying. You don't where he's at so you just go to his house. And there you are met with another puzzle. Play Sapphire Room Escape room escape game by The Escape Games.

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