Santa Secret Gift Escape Game

Santa Secret Gift Escape

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Look for Santa here in the neighborhood somewhere. Santa Secret Gift Escape is a brand new point and click outdoor escape game released by Games 2 Rule for another winter-cold adventure!

Children have always been told that Santa really comes-by around the houses in the village and deliver gifts for all of them when Christmas time comes, but he would always slip their plane of sight and the most detailed one who got to see him was even a glimpse! One night when all of the adults have slept, Luke went out of the house for he had seen something from his windows and it was a man dressed in red with a heavy sack on his back! Santa Claus had once again come to town!

Luke tried to follow where the man had gone for he really knew it was Santa. Luckily he had left some tracks but it won't last though, snow continues to fall and it'll be gone soon, Luke must hurry for that man even though he looks old and was carrying a heavy sack, he was quite fast! Escape players, Luke here is going to traverse the village to know who that man really is who looked a lot like Santa. Care to join in as well and see what you can find-out? Go ahead then and be very careful for treading through piling snow isn't easy.

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