Santa Must Escape Game

Santa Must Escape

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You know very well that kids from all over the world are waiting for you on Christmas eve. And you can't wait to meet them every year as well. Even if you're meeting them while they're asleep. You really enjoy taking time to read the notes and taste the mils and cookies they leave. You likewise make sure that they enjoy the gift they're receiving. Your main entrance is through the chimney. Other people might wonder how you're doing it especially if there is a fire going on. But you're not just an ordinary delivery man. You have all the things you need when it comes to entering through the chimney. You're now in a house that just recently appeared in your list. It's quite strange because you likewise can't remember delivering something to the adults when they were kids. But you always accept good kids.

Unknown to you, this is a trap set up by your friend. He wants to see how good you are at entering and escaping places. Getting inside is a piece of cake and so should be leaving. However, after placing the gift down and doing your rituals, you can't find the chimney. It seems like someone is concealing it with some kind of magic. And you need to find it to escape. Play Santa Must Escape room escape game by Mouse City.


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