Santa House Escape Game

Santa House Escape

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Luke was on a treacherous journey into the polar region for he has a mission to travel through the place up to a point which he must reach. There were no settlements in the place he is journeying into, that makes this even more dangerous. Well or so he thought that there isn't. Luke was going along a semi-forested path when he saw lights in the distance! That was pretty weird already, but Luke was curious so he approached it with caution of course. As he goes nearer, the shape of a small bungalow was getting clearer and he thought definitely the info at the briefing was wrong, for there is actually someone living here! Little did he know he will be entering one of the stop-houses of the one and only Mr. Santa Claus and because the place has some security feature, he will get trapped in there.

Luke approached the house and when he investigated on it, he realized that there was nobody in there but everything was lit, the doors were open too so he entered. Well unfortunately, the house's thing about its security tripped and now the doors would not open! Luke could not escape the house now. He doesn't want to be trapped in there, most especially for he doesn't know the place and even though it looks cozy. Escape players, will you help Luke here so he can escape and maybe find-out who the place belongs to?

Santa House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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