Santa Claus Escape From Basement Game

Santa Claus Escape From Basement

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This must be one of Santa's challenging delivery. getting down from the chimney and placing the gifts under the tree is a piece of cake for Santa. He can easily the way in and out of the house. But some locations of the tree are quite hard to find. For this trip, Santa has to go to the basement of the house. There's like an underground living space there. Santa has to find the right place for him to place the gifts and then find his own way out as well. He gets inside first and asks you to wait for him outside. You never disobey his orders. While waiting for him, you usually like to walk around and get a peak at the kids who wakes up after you leave. The smile on their faces puts a huge smile on your face as well.

Half an hour passes by but Santa still isn't around. You can't just wait there since you still have a lot of gifts to give. So you go down the basement as well until you find Santa. He's so happy to see and expects you to lead him out of there. But you likewise easily forget the paths you took. Play Santa Claus Escape From Basement room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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