Santa Cabin Escape Game

Santa Cabin Escape

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Santa's supposed to meet you to talk about his diet. He needed some updating as he was getting old. He didn't want his reindeer to carry so much weight. So you told him to see you so you could talk about it. You were to meet at a cafe in your town. People knew him there as your grandpa. Although he'd been told he looked like Santa, no one really knew it was him. You sat at the cafe with your hot cocoa waiting for him. But after half an hour, he was still nowhere to be found. You couldn't wait just like this. Then you special phone rang. You looked at it hoping it was Santa. And it was indeed him. You instantly answered the call and he was asking for your help. His cabin was quite old. And the hinges rusted.

You were hoping this was the real reason. No one should be able to reach his cabin unless he welcomed them. Or his revelation of magic could cause its loss. So you immediately went over to his place to help him escape. He had a scheduled flight later and he needed to be out fast. Play Santa Cabin Escape outdoor escape game be Angel Escape.

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