Sand Pit Escape

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The remote island miles away from shore has a secret, and as an adventurer currently braving its lush and green vegetation there, Nathaniel is ready to find what he had been trying to search for and that is the beginning of a tunnel, that tunnel will lead him to some loot which will contain ancient artifacts which was also in the sights of various explorers and treasure hunters. Well lucky for him, he’ll find what he was looking for and it’s going to be through an accident!

Nathaniel stepped on uneven flooring and as he examined it, it gave-way and he went down hard underground! Luckily he was uninjured and as he looked around, he saw that more luck had come to him, for he was inside the tunnels now! This is definitely something and finally his work bore fruit. But lucky as he is, he needs to get out of there first for the caves looks unstable and he also needs to plan everything here and not rush this, for all he knows there could actually be traps in there waiting for him. Escape players, Nathaniel needs to escape the pit where he fell through, will you be able to help him using what you can find as well as everything in Nathaniel’s person? Ready yourselves then and try not to touch anything more in the place.

Sand Pit Escape is a brand new point and click underground escape game from Games 2 Live.