Sand Fort Escape

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Lincoln had been to many places just for adventures, he had been to uncharted islands and deep green forests in many places and once again he is in another wilderness but this time in a place he had never been to before. Lincoln is in the desert at the moment and not just in the desert, but in an ancient structure there and currently he seems to be uncovering a great find here! Lincoln is not really expecting that he’ll find anything there, he just wants the adventure but this is now turning something big, and he is even trapped in there!

Lincoln is currently inside the temple and there are traps at certain areas, sand pits, sand burials, and deadly spikes! He really faced them all but none had gotten him yet, but he is currently not moving now for any wrong thing he does there could be his last. Escape players, Lincoln could not get help from anybody for he went inside alone, and because the stone walls are meters thick, nobody can hear him yell from the other side. Will you help him escape by solving puzzles there now and avoiding deadly traps too? See this through then and be very careful.

Sand Fort Escape is a new ancient place escape game developed by Games 2 Live.