Sand Castle 3 Game

Sand Castle 3

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Face the 3rd challenge on this desert escape series. Sand Castle 3 is the newest point and click dry wilderness escape game from First Escape Games. This game is a continuation of the previous one, and is a part of the first game as a start of the series. Have fun!

At the moment, Elijah had successfully got himself out of the desert castle but he is not out of this unforgiving place yet. He is in a part of the desert castle's town and it's very peculiar for he never saw a town near it while he approached the place from a distance. There is still nobody here and all were there are sand, a few random items, and walls made of hardened sand. Elijah told himself then if he ever gets out of this place, then he'll deem this desert castle here forbidden to go to and he'll definitely relay his experiences to the people. But first he must escape, will he be able to do it finally?

Escape players, it gets bitterly cold in the desert at night and is just as dangerous when it's in the day, care to join Elijah here as he finds way out of the sand-made castle and get back to the cozy town then? Go ahead then, do not fall into some sand-pits, good luck!

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