Sakura Festival Escape Game

Sakura Festival Escape

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Cherry blossoms are one of the greatest things on Earth. In fact, there is Sakura Festival in Japan for the people to see the wonderful cherry blossoms. You went to Japan to witness the wonder of these flowers. It was indeed beautiful in person but when you touched it, you noticed a red spot on your hand. Those spots multiply as you continue to touch more flowers. Then you realized that you are allergic to the cherry blossoms. It's not good to be allergic to a nice thing like the Sakura but you can't dictate your immune system. There's nothing you can do but to avoid these flowers for your own safety. In this case, you have to escape from the Sakura Festival. However, there are lots of people at the festival so you find it hard to make your way out.

There is another way to escape from the Sakura Festival and there are clues that can help you to find it. You really have to escape as soon as possible so else, your allergy might get worse. Sakura Festival Escape is the newest outdoor escape game from Free Room Escape that you will surely enjoy. Good luck and have fun!

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