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Sailor Escape

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Sailors are the king of the ocean so they pretty know everything much about it. It's great that you are part of this batch of wise and brave sailors. You sail is so smooth and you are almost at your destination. It's like you have a perfect control of everything. But there's one thing that sailors can't control and that's the weather. A massive storm occurred while you were in the middle of the ocean. Your ship sank and each one of you was washed away. It's a very traumatic experience but you are lucky that you are alive. However, you found yourself in the middle of nowhere. There are no people around but you can see items that can help you to get back to the ocean. You need to gather items to make a ship and escape from this place.

You have to be brave and wise to complete your escape. Your co-sailors might also be in trouble so you have to escape from here and find your other mates. Sailor Escape is the another exciting point and click outdoor escape game from First Escape Games. Use your logic to solve this puzzle and have fun. Best of luck!

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